Working Groups

We invite funders to become more involved in CFF’s ongoing work by joining one of our working groups, or spearheading efforts to start a new one! We currently have four funder working groups focused on the following topics:2013-Gathering-UAWG

Food Chain Workers – spearheaded by Hugh Hogan at North Star Fund and Kolu Zigbi at Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation.  This working group is concerned with the rights and well-being of the 20 million people employed by the food system in the US (one-sixth of the entire US work force).  These workers range from migrant farm workers, to food packers and truckers, to grocery sales clerks and restaurant staff, and all the people in between.

Food Hubs, Financing, and Investment – spearheaded by Tatianna Echevarria at Surdna Foundation and Bob Dandrew & Sarah Brannen at the Local Economies Project of the New World Foundation. This working group is concerned with the infrastructure and planning of supply chain logistics with an emphasis on food hubs, and the different mechanisms with which food enterprises raise capital.

Public Health and Healthy Food Access – spearheaded by Rick Luftglass at Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund. This working group is concerned with issues of public health and improving access to nutritious food in underserved neighborhoods.

Urban Agriculture – spearheaded by Liz Miller at Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and Ruth Goldman at Merck Family Fund.  This working group is concerned with the practice of urban agriculture and the many benefits it can bring about in terms of health, economics, environment, and community building.

Working groups give funders an opportunity to be in dialogue about key issues and discuss funder strategies for bringing about change.  If you would like to join or learn more about a working group, or are interested in starting a new group, please contact us.