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Grassroots-Led Narratives, 3/20

Narrative change has taken a central role in the organizing around food, agriculture and climate justice in United States. Join us in this conversation with grassroots leaders who are finding inspiring and effective new ways to “change the narrative” and build power. Food First’s intensive WriteShop method brings together frontline leaders from the food, farm and climate justice movements to produce a compelling book and generate shared strategies for community action. This broad-based initiative aims to turn the growing momentum behind the Green New Deal into an opportunity for community organizing and national movement-building to transform the food system—and our society. The Closing the Hunger Gap Network – a coordinated space for food banks and pantries moving beyond food distribution towards strategies that address the root causes of hunger – is undergoing a national story-based narrative change process to challenge the dominate narrative of hunger in U.S. and redefine the role of food emergency organizations in building a more just food system. This ongoing initiative is helping to organize, build power and ultimately change the story of hunger in the U.S.

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