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Food Justice & Food Systems Webinar, 11/5

On this webinar, we will be discussing the wide range of food and farming issues that make up “food systems” work in New York. The food system incorporates everything involved in producing, distributing, purchasing, and consuming food, as well as what is done with waste product. The call is important for all grantmakers, as food systems affect everything from the environment, to workers’ rights, to public health and nutrition. We will hear from funders working on different aspects of the food system, and from a group of funders who have created a network to share learning and coordination across the region, including how private philanthropy can leverage local, state, and federal funding.

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Recap: Unpacking Nutrition Education

On June 25th, CFF partnered with Philanthropy New York to host an event called Unpacking Nutrition Education – Why It Matters for NYC Students covering the myriad ways nutrition education is addressed and offered in NYC schools, and significant value that these bring to a student’s physical, academic, and future well-being. Pamela Koch of the Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy presented findings from their recently concluded reports, and was joined on a panel by Kelly Giordano of Newman’s Own Foundation and Tony Hillery of Harlem Grown. The panel was moderated by Bronwyn Starr of the New York State Health Foundation.

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Unpacking Nutrition Education – Why It Matters for NYC Students

3 students in garden

Join us you for a conversation about the current status of nutrition education programs (NEPs) in NYC schools, as well as the characteristics, distribution, and policy context in which they operate. How can the funding community best leverage its resources and influence to achieve greater equity in nutrition education so that all students have access to these opportunities?

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