A New Food Economy: What Do We Mean? (Oct. 30)

Shoppers at a farmers market

Thursday October 30

2:30 – 4:30pm

Philanthropy New York
79 5th Ave, 4th floor

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[Update: the livestream recording and materials from this event are now available online]

Join us for a discussion on the new food economy

As more people become interested in issues around food, a burgeoning food “movement” has emerged. But what is the movement towards?  And how will we know when we get there?

New groups are coming to the table with ideas for projects in the food system . Some are focused on alleviating hunger in the inner city, while others are concerned with infrastructure to support organic farming, artisanal food and regional distribution. These goals and others are laudable, but unless we consider who wins and who loses – and whether our fixes really address the underlying ecological and environmental crises caused by agri-business and industrial agriculture – we will be hard-pressed to claim that we truly transitioned our food economy to ensure that everyone benefits. Put more simply, and to paraphrase food writer and activist Eric Schlosser, “what good is a locally-grown, organic tomato if it was picked by slave labor?”

A key aspect of transitioning to this New “Food” Economy is to think differently about our economic models and what constitutes a successful business enterprise. The ‘triple bottom line,’ of sound ecological thinking, social and racial equity, and sustainable economic business models, has emerged as a way to approach and codify this thinking.

Our workshop will present a vision that philanthropy can use to be a pro-active partner in creating the new food economy, and the holistic thinking and politics it will take to get there.  The outcome of this workshop will be to illustrate how the values of true triple bottom line thinking get translated into action for a new food economy.


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This workshop is being produced by North Star Fund and Community Food Funders, and is part of the larger Philanthropy New York series, Can Philanthropy Help Shape the Next Economy? A Workshop Series for a Just Transition.

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