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Call for Nominations:
2019 Community Food Funders Champions Award

The Community Food Funders Champions Award recognizes the leaders empowering food system change in our region. Each year the Award will:

  • Promote the work of an outstanding leader or organization that is working towards the transition of our food system to one that pursues a true triple bottom line: a system that honors and values people, the environment, and sustainable economic models
  • Present the awardee with a $5,000 grant to support their work

The awardee will be invited to:

  • Present their work to a group of funders and philanthropists at the Community Food Funders Annual Gathering on June 12, 2019.
  • Share quarterly updates on their work with the Community Food Funders network
  • Design a funder briefing sponsored by CFF on the content of their choosing
  • Join the committee of funders that will select awardees the following year



Eligibility is limited to nonprofit organizations or individuals located and operating in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Organizations of all size are welcome, with an emphasis on new or smaller organizations who can most benefit from the $5,000 prize. Nominees do not have to work explicitly on all three criteria listed below; a strong commitment to and success in one or two areas may suffice. The awardee will be selected based on their demonstrated commitment to a food system that is:

  • Equitable for everyone along the food chain, from growers, workers, and processors, to distributors, retailers, consumers, and waste handlers. Examples include access to land and economic justice for farmers; safe conditions and a living wage for workers; access to nutritious, affordable, and culturally-relevant food; and many others (see the nomination form for more examples)
  • Ecologically sound so that food is produced, transported, and consumed in a way that eliminates or minimizes the use of toxic chemicals and fossil fuels and is regenerative and sustainable in its production.
  • Economically robust supporting a multiplicity of ownership models for enterprises along the food supply chain, without disproportionate control or influence by large corporations, and without barriers to entry. Examples include food or farming cooperatives, food hubs and other entities that bolster the local food supply, or organizations committed to increasing the diversity of farmers and providing technical assistance for their ongoing viability.

In addition to these criteria, extra points will be given to organizations whose leadership is reflective of the population served.

How to apply?

Funders, including staff or trustees of a foundation, may nominate one or more organization or individual whether or not they are actively funding that work. Nonprofit organizations and individuals may not apply on their own. Nominations due by April 26th, 2019.

Selection Process

The selection committee will be comprised of the Director of Community Food Funders, up to five members of the Community Food Funders steering committee, and three members of the wider CFF network. If you are interested to serve on the committee, contact Adam Liebowitz for details.

Previous Winners

Soul Fire Farm was the inaugural winner in 2017.

East New York Farms! won in 2018.