2014-CFF-Gathering-Liz-and-MariannaCommunity Food Funders is a philanthropic organizing project that is open to staff, executives, and trustees of philanthropic organizations and other grantmaking entities, as well as individual donors.  We invite funders to participate in CFF at any of the following levels:

  • CFF Member: Open to any funder who wishes to participate.  You will be added to the CFF email list to receive monthly newsletters and invitations to events, and will have access to CFF resources.
  • CFF Supporter: Open to funders who would like to contribute financial resources at any level or, alternatively, would like to contribute time to CFF activities. This membership level is for those who wish to take a leadership on organizing an event or briefing, or propose a special project that matches with our goals and values. This is a flexible level of membership.
  • CFF Steering Committee Member: For funders who give at the $5,000 level or higher and agree to fulfill the duties of a steering committee member. Contact us for more information if you would like to learn more about serving on the steering committee.

There is no membership fee to join.  Become a member by signing up for our monthly newsletter and receive monthly compilations of the latest news, events, and resources related to food system work in our area, as well as invites to CFF events and updates from your fellow funders.