Healthy Food Access Portal

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The Healthy Food Access Portal provides resources designed to improve healthy food access in communities, build local economies, and enhance public health. An amazing resource for funders and practitioners alike this website creates a learning network that’s using retail strategies to connect consumers to healthy food.  Find out about great work going on around the country, and submit your own grantees’ stories to have them featured.

The Healthy Food Access Portal is a project of PolicyLinkThe Food Trust, and The Reinvestment Fund, launched in 2009.

In their own words, the Portal aims to

raise public awareness and educate policy makers about the limited and inequitable access to supermarkets and grocery stores in both rural and urban America.  Today federal, state and local efforts are bringing much needed jobs and healthy food options to communities across America.  Our three organizations created this web information portal in 2013 to maximize the impact of these new opportunities and better support communities seeking to launch healthy food retail projects.

The Healthy Food Access Portal harnesses a vast array of data and information to support the successful planning and implementation of policies, programs, and projects to improve access to healthy foods in low-income and communities of color. The Portal is designed to help people access resources related to healthy food access policy efforts, funding opportunities, and successful retail strategies.  Our three organizations selected resources and created content that would appeal to users from diverse backgrounds – community leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials, public health advocates, and economic development practitioners. In so doing, we aim to build and strengthen a community of learning and practice.

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