Recap: GreenWave & Restorative Ocean Farming

On September 22,  CFF partnered with the Hunter Grubb Foundation to host a meeting titled GreenWave & Restorative Ocean Farming.  You can find a video recording of the briefing below.

The slides from GreenWave’s presentation are visible in the video, but you can also download the full slide deck here. The time markers below can be used to jump around to different sections of the video

  • Start – An intro from our caterers at Cleaver Co who produced a meal using Kelp supplied by GreenWave
  • 5:30 – An intro to CFF by Adam Liebowitz
  • 7:30 – Introductions of everyone in the room and their interest in the subject area
  • 15:45 – GreenWave’s presentation
  • 45:20 – Open discussion and Q&A

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