Food Justice & Food Systems Webinar, 11/5

Monday November 5


Online webinar


Free for NY Funders Alliance members
$25 for non-members

The NY Funders Alliance is an association of grantmakers and philanthropic advisors throughout New York State. They provide and develop opportunities for funders to convene and connect, deliver tools and resources, and engage  members in programming that highlights national, state, and regional thought leaders that focus on issues members care about. Community Food Funders has partnered with the NY Funders Alliance to bring you a webinar focused on food funding in New York State.

On this webinar, we will be discussing the wide range of food and farming issues that make up “food systems” work in New York. The food system incorporates everything involved in producing, distributing, purchasing, and consuming food, as well as what is done with waste product. The call is important for all grantmakers, as food systems affect everything from the environment, to workers’ rights, to public health and nutrition. We will hear from funders working on different aspects of the food system, and from a group of funders who have created a network to share learning and coordination across the region, including how private philanthropy can leverage local, state, and federal funding.


Co-sponsored by CFF and the NY Funders Alliance

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