Recap: Big Hunger with Andy Fisher

On October 4,  CFF partnered with WhyHunger and Philanthropy New York to host a meeting titled Big Hunger about the new book by Andy Fisher,  Big Hunger The Unholy Alliance Between Corporate America And Anti-Hunger Groups.  Following a presentation about his research and findings, Andy was joined on a panel by Liz Schalet of Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger and filmmaker Lori Silverbush. The panel was moderated by Alison Cohen of WhyHunger. You can find a video recording of the briefing below.

The slides from Andy’s presentation are visible in the video, but you can also download his presentation here to follow along. There are two links to clips he showed that are not shown in the video below. Here is the Feeding America ad from slide 5, and the Walmart commercial referenced in slide 13. note: the first few slides do not advance in the video, but this problem is resolved after a few minutes.

If you’d like to join Andy’s newsletter, you can do so at his website. He also wrote about his findings recently in New Food Economy and Chronicle of Philanthropy.

The time markers below can be used to jump around to different sections of the video

  • Start – An intro to CFF by Adam Liebowitz
  • 0:57 – Alison Cohen introduces the event and Andy Fisher
  • 7:25 – Andy Fisher presentation
  • (39:12 – Slide 19, “What can funders do?”)
  • 41:00 – Panel discussion with Lori Silverbush and Liz Schalet
  • 1:02:30 – Open discussion and Q&A

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